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Doepfer - A-140-2 Dual Mini-ADSR

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The module contains two ADSR type voltage controlled envelope generators with exponential curve shapes (charge/discharge curves of a capacitor) behind a front panel with 8 HP only.

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Each ADSR provides these controls and in/outputs: LED (displays the envelope output) A: manual Attack control D: manual Decay control S: manual Sustain control R: manual Release control Gate Input Retrigger Input CVT Input with attenuator (CVT = CV Time) Envelope Output 1 (normal envelope output) Envelope Output 2 (selectable between normal and inverted envelope by means of an internal jumper) The output voltage range for each envelope is 0 - 10V (10V = attack peak). The time range of Attack/Decay/Release is about 1ms to 30s. By means of internal jumpers one can select which time parameters are controlled by the CVT input (e.g. D only or D+R or A+D+R) and in which direction (i.e. if an increasing CVT shortens or stretches the time parameter in question). Socket CVT can be normalled to an internal fixed voltage (i.e. the switching contact is connected to an internal fixed voltage). That way it's possible to change e.g. all time parameters simultaneously by means of the CVT control. Another jumper is used to set output 2 to normal or inverted envelope. And another jumper is used for the normalling of Gate 2 to Gate 1 (i.e. ADSR#2 is also triggered by Gate 1). Two more jumpers are used for the optional bus access to the gate signal of the bus for each ADSR.

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