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BLM - Accented Perc Env

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Dynamic Accented Envelope Gen and VCA

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Module: Accented Percussion Envelope Module (APE) envelope generator, percussion, VCA Width: 6hp Depth: 32mm , 1.26 inches clearance Current: Circuits: Attack Decay Envelope Generator, and VCAs. What does this module do? This module allows you to add that dynamic 'accented' sound found in vintage gear like the Pearl SY-1 without having to build one of those kits, or hunt down the original. This module was influenced by such gear, but with modern parts. The goal was not to clone, but to get you really close results. -There is a VCA on the envelope output (DEPTH) with it's own CV Level input. This Dynamic Envelope has it's own output to give external VCOs a 'pitch' ability. To do Disco 'POW' for example. -There is another VCA set up with CV Accent control just for the audio input. If you patch up a sequencer, you can get very close results to the DFAM envelope portion. *Gate or trigger input mode. *3 modes for envelope time: Long, Perc (middle), and Short.

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