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AJH MiniMod VCO black

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Vintage Transistor Core VCO - The discrete transistor core of this Voltage Controlled Oscillator is an exact emulation of the original and now very rare R A Moog  Model D Oscillator from 45 years ago, and the resulting waveforms and sounds are exactly as the original, as big, fat and sweet as ever!

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It features front panel  switchable octave selection and four independent waveform outputs including the famous “Sharktooth” wave, Sawtooth wave, Square wave and Triangle wave.
The Square wave output now has fully adjustable Pulse Width Modulation, with manual and CV control rather than the more restricting selection of two static fixed pulse widths or square wave of the original design.
We have added extra features too, including exponential and linear
modulation inputs and two different types of oscillator sync which help to make this a very versatile Eurorack VCO in its own right.
Module Width: 14hp
Module Depth: 38mm
Current Usage: 55mA Positive, 40mA Negative
sync input,1V/octave input, CV inputs for exponential and linear
FM, PWM CV input
waveform outputs: "sharktooth", sawtooth, pulse, triangle

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