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Analogue Systems RS-340 Gate Delay

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A Gate Delay does what the name says: it can delay a trigger or gate signal. The RS-340 is a multi-mode gate delay that canoutput not only gates with adjustable length but trigger signals as well

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Generally the module differenciates between two different modes:
    NON-RETRIGGER Mode: If no signal is present at the Reset input each delay cycle will finish before it can be restarted. This way you can use the module as a simple clock divider with one output.
    RETRIGGER MODE: A positive pulse signal at the gate input will finish abruptly the delay cycle and re-initilaizes it.
Delay time and gate time can be set independently in a wide range between 10ms to 10sec. The total length of a cycle consists of both parameters' times.
Gate delays make a number of musically advantageous applications
possible, like e.g. doubling attacks, gates and triggers; converting trigger signals into gate signals, delaying attacks or events, dividing clocks etc. The RS-340 also works as a pulse shaper generating loud, hiqh quality gate signals from poor and low-amplitude gates. />        Usage with Eurorack: />Analogue Systems' modules are designed solely for use in cases and
cabinets made by Analogue Systems. Through the use of adaptors or
adaptor cables, however, it is possible to connect them to Eurorack cases.
Should you chose to use an Analogue Systems module in an Eurorack
case, please note that the warranties are thus void and the use occurs at your own risk! If the module is plugged in incorrectly and therefore damaged the customer has to bear any costs for repair and shipping!
Because of the different position of the mounting holes there will be a gap of 0.5HP (= 2.5 mm) when mounting an Analogue Systems module next to a Eurorack module. Take this into consideration when planning your system. Gaps can be covered with 1.5HP wide blank panels by Doepfer.
gate input and reset input
gate output and trigger output.
3U Analogue Systems module, 6HP wide
40 mA power consumption
Weight 0.088 kg

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