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Analogue Systems RS-40 S&H/Clock/Noise

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The RS-40 contains three different circuits: noise generator, sample and hold and a clock generator

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The noise and the clock provide suitable signals for the use with the S&H unit although they aren´t pre-patched for technical reasons. The noise generator produces classic analog noise. A potentiometer sets it´s output level.
The sample and hold sectionis very exact and can hold a value almost infinitely. The signal to be sampled is patched to the "ext src in" jack. The trigger that determins the point of sampling is inserted into the "ext clk in" socket. Alternatively you can trigger the S?&H manually with the One Shot button if no trigger is inserted to the jack.
The clock generator produces a pulse wave between 0V and 10V. The frequency can be set in a range of 0.15Hz to 30Hz and is visualized with a LED.
Width: 12HP
Noise output
Ext. Source input
S/H output
Ext. Clock input
Int. Clock output

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