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Analogue Systems RS-50 Trigger Generator

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The RS-50 contains three cicuits in one module: trigger generator, pulse shaper and an offset generator (DC shifter)

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The Trigger Generator creates trigger signals depending on voltage changes of the input signal. If the voltage at the input changes by 10mV in short time then a 10V trigger will be generated. Besides that a trigger will be made when the direction of the signal gos either positive or negative; this way you can double pulses. The input accepts voltages up to 10V. Each trigger will be displayed with a LED.
The Shaper converts a fast signal with a rising edg (like a trigger) into a gate signal. Its length can be controlled with the Shape control and a CV. It reacts to triggers with an amplitude from 2V to 20V and generates pulses with a 10V amplitude.
The third section is the Shifter, an offset generator. It creates a constant offset voltage between -10V and 10V. If a signal is applied to the "V IN" jack then the offset voltage is added to the signal and shifted a certain voltage. upwards or downwards.
Width: 12HP
Shaper CV input
Pulse input
Pulse output
Trigger input
Trigger output
Shifter V input
Shifter V output

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