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AQA Elektrix Dual VC Delay

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The Dual VC Delay consists of 2 equal, independent delays A and B, each with it´s own feedback loop.

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Each contains a 6dB HP and a 6dB LP filter (not VC), but the internal feedback loop can be opened by patching a cable into the „IN FB“ - jacks to route other signal-processing modules into the feedback-loop. Please note that there is no „Dry-Signal“-path. By designing the module, we thought, it would be mostly used in combination with other modules to achieve some echoes and reverberated ambience, one could put one delay in the feedback-path of another delay for example – there are many different routing configurations, achieving strange modulated reverberated space by combining several Dual VC Delay-modules in various manner.
Due to it´s vast flexibility, the module offers load´s of possibilities for hours-longing sessions of mangling signals, pitch modulation and the generation of phantastic ethereal outer galactic spaces. Used in parallel/stereo-mode, it generates voltage controlled modulated spatial effects with it´s own special character. The sound of the Princeton PT2399 delay chip often reminds for BBD-circuit´s which principle in fact shares similarities with the function of the PT2399 chip. Because the audio -and CV - input´s are normalized in the scheme of A=>B, the module is following your needs for many different patching situations easily. The sonic possibilities of using several module together can be mind blowing, especially when the almost endless possibilities of different feedback-routing are explored.
    Delays can be routed in parallel or serial configuration (A => B or A II B)
    internal feedback with a 6dB HP and LP filter in series for each delay, feedback signals are attenuverted
    using normalized feedback in and out jacks, the feedback loops can be opened to insert other stuff
    feedback can be switched between parallel and cross routing between A and B
    Audio input attenuators for each Delay />    each delay time can be independently controlled by knob
    each delay time can be independently modulated by an attenuverted external control voltage
    each delay time can be independently modulated by an attenuverted external control voltage
    Normalized audio signal Inputs
    Outputs for the delayed signals
    Outputs for the delayed signal and HP+LP filtered delayed signal (for feedback use)
    Normalized feedback-signal Inputs
IN  jack A & B - Input for the Audio Signal to be delayed />IN CV Input jack A & B - normalized (A=>B) CV input for delay time, attenuverted by CV Pot
IN FB jack A & B - normalized (A=>B) Input for the feedback signal
OUT jack A & B - Audio output Delay A & B
FB FILT OUT jack A & B - HP and LP filtered Audio output of Delay A & B for feedback use
FB Out jack A & B - Audio output of Delay A & B for feedback use
CV knob A & B - CV Input attenuverter
TIME knob A & B - Delay time
IN ATTN knob A & B - Audio input attenuator
FEEDBACK knob A & B - feedback depth attenuverter
Measures: 21 TE
Power consumption: -12V 40mA / +12V 85mA

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