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AQA Elektrix M/S Matrix

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The M/S MATRIX converts a Left/Right-Stereo-Signal into its Mid and Side Components. The Mid component is the sum of the left and right signal while the Side component is the difference between left and right. Second, it converts a Mid/Side-Stereo signal back
into its left and right components.

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This is very useful to change the base-width of a stereo signal for example. Many other applications for that module are possible:
    changing the stereo base-width to mono for lower frequencies (using a inserted filter in the side-signal chain)
    compressing the side signal differently as the mid signal to exaggerate the „ambience“ of a recorded or mixed stereo signal
    endless possibilities for crazy manipulations of stereo signals.
    stereo LEFT/RIGHT to MID/SIDE conversion
    stereo MID/SIDE to LEFT/RIGHT conversion
Audio Input jack L In & R In - Left and Right Input for a Stereo Audio Signal
Audio Output jack M Out & R Out - MID and SIDE Output for the converted Stereo Audio Signal
Audio Input jack M In & S In - MID and SIDE Input for a Stereo Audio Signal
Audio Output jack M Out & R Out - LEFT and RIGHT Output for the converted Stereo Audio Signal
        Measures: 10 TE
Power consumption -12V : 16mA / +12V : 16mA

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