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AQA Elektrix Quadrature LFO

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The Quadrature LFO is generating an sine wave and 3 phase-shifted copies of it:
by 90° (cosine), 180° (inverted sine) and 270° (inverted cosine).
The frequency of the LFO can be voltage controlled, the CV input is attenuverted.

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You can use the LFO in a wider frequency range, from very low oscillations up to above the audio range. There is another CV-input, which let´s the LFO to be pitched by volt/octave, the tracking is quite ok over 2-3 octaves. A interesting possibility is to patch an output of the module to the Rate CV input, so you can create new waveforms that way while still controlling the Lfo by the V/Oct. Input. Using more than one module, you can create complicated and interesting output waveforms, up to pseudo-chaotic signals, escpecially, when 2 or more LFO´s modulating each other by pitch.
    generates a sine wave and 3 phase shifted copies of it: 90°, 180°, 270°
    frequency can be manually controlled
    frequency can be controlled by an external control voltage
    3 frequency ranges selectable by switch
    frequency range from less than a Hz beyond the audible range
CV Input jack - Input for CV for frequency control, attenuated by CV Pot
V/Oct Input jack - Input for CV in Volt/Octave Range, unattenuated
Sin Out jack 0° - Output for the unshifted sine wave
Cos Out jack 90° - Output for the 90° shifted sine wave / cosine
Inv Sin Out jack 180° - Output for the 180° shifted sine wave / inv. Sine
Inv Cos Out jack 270° - Output for the 270° shifted cosine wave / inv. Cosine
Frequency Range Switch - switches between 3 frequency ranges
Rate Knob - controls the LFO´s frequency
CV Attenuator - attenuates the CV going into the CV input jack
Measures: 8TE
Power consumption:  on +12V and -12V each - ca. 12-28 mA, varying dependent on LFO rate

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