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birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO Expander

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The Bateleur is expanded with the Birdkids - The Bateleur Expander module to include more functions for it's filter and VCO and it now even has VCA funtions. Now it is possible to control the resonance which is only switchable on the main module and with the expander you can use the internal VCA finally to create a VCO-VCF-VCA voice.

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The Bateleur Expander adds the following features to the main module:  />
- The resonance knob acts either as a manual control for the filter resonance of main module or as an attenuator if something is patched into the resonance CV input 
- Additional CV input with attenuator for the filter cutoff frequency of the main module  />- Exponential FM input for the main modules oscillator 
- VCA with input- and CV-attenuator

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