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BLM - Lunar Lab VCO Triangle Core

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Analog VCO / LFO

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Model: BLM Lunar Modulation Lab VCO Analog Oscillator, LFO,VCO Width: 18hp Current: +91mA, -61mA This is my Flag Ship Analog VCO What does this do? This product produces continuous wave forms that can be used as an LFO or audio rate VCO. There are 11 possible waveform outputs. This is a discrete, triangle core design based on the Bergfotron 'Advanced' VCO. This particular version uses a VCA-based exponential converter for the core 1v per octave converter. Features: -11 Wave Form Outputs: Ramp, Double Saw x2 Frequency, Sine with Level Out, Triangle, Saw, Even Harmonic, Pulse with PWM, Falling Stairs, Folded Triangloid, Pulse Train, Sub Generated Pulse Output (Divider) -VCO and LFO mode. -Triangle Core Design -Linear FM -Exponential FM, with Bi-polar Knob -1v Octave direct input -Sync input -Reset circuit (VCO mode only) -Trigger input for selector (Divider circuit) -Reset circuit for divider circuit

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