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BLM - Dwarf Star VC Noise v2

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The Blue Lantern Dwarf Star VCNoise module has been updated. The module has a new look and new features.

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The Dwarf Star produces digital noise using a PLL chip. The noise is tunable. This creates the classic "Defender" blaster sound from vintage arcade games. The tune is voltage controllable. You also get a nice 3 band EQ, and Inverting, Non-inverting buffer.

The four jacks to the right "repeat" a signal when something is plugged into the In jack right under the FM knob. So, for example, if you patch a Saw wave, the first two jacks will invert the signal to make 2 Ramp waves available. The next 2 jacks labeled "Non" will simply repeat the saw wave signal. Invert simply means to mirror or reverse the signal.

The module has a 3-band Equalizer because it is cool to sound shape and filter the noise produced but it. This new version also has a dedicated High Pass Noise output. When the module is used as a random Gate source, use the EQ to fine tune the random between rapid gates.

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