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Blue Lantern Pyramid Core VCO

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it is considered a synthesizer 'singer' or voice. this module generates audio signals, and at slow frequency can control other modules (lfo mode). blue lantern also included an analog sample and hold circuit, internally clocked by the core vco. the module is complimentary to the lunar moduation center vco. both contain the same discrete, transitor core triangle generator.

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he internal Sample and Hold circuit that uses LF398M IC chip. The circuit uses the internal pulse wave as a clock. So you can use the PW knob to change the clock gate length. The way you use the sample and hold is to patch for example a wave from another external module into jack #17. Now patch from the ‘OUT’ jack #18 into some other vco like the Lunar Modulation Center VCO’s PCV jack. The TPC vco is controlling the speed of the S&H, the external module is being sampled, the Lunar modulation Center VCO is being modulated by the S&H.


  • Pyramid Core

  • Sample & Hold

  • Variable & Hard Reset Sync

  • Large Coarse Tuning Knob

  • FM

  • Multiple Waveform Outputs

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