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Cwejman - PH-4 4-Phase-Modulator

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Two separately usable ringmodulators are connected to each other in an intelligent way over the "quadrature" carrier generator in this module.
from LFO- to audio range the Oscillator generates a Sine as carrier signal for the ringmodulator A (CG A) that is used in the ringmod B with 90 degrees delay (CG B), what is offering diverse complex effects in addition.
The frequency is controlled over knobs coarse and fine and over CV in addition as also the level of both ringmod units.
The left input is routed to the right one as long as there is nothing extra patched.
Frequency Range from 0,01Hz bis 20 kHz, Sinewave with 0,1% THD and second take with 90 degrees delay

       technical details
0 output
90 output
180 output
270 output
Rate CV input
Offset CV input
Level CV input
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