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BLM - Cydonia Bi-Phase Stereo VCF

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Stereo Analog Filter

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Model: Cydonia Bi-phase Stereo VCF width: 12hp current: 83mA, -77mA What does this module do? The module has two filters, and two OTA-based VCAs. Most of the controls are setup to control both filters with one set of parameter knobs. There is a spread knob that separates the resonance peaks between both filters. You can get cool vocal and nasal filtering with careful adjustment. The filters self resonate. There is a trimmer for each filter which allows you to adjust how much feedback you want. There is a fancy CMOS based logic control system to select the state variable outputs. DG412 modern analog switch is used internally. This analog switch is made for audio (-5v / +5). There is a 'reset' button to quickly go back to LP flavor.

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