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Erica Synths - Dual Drive Black

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Dual overdrive/distortion

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Plenty of dirt! – Dual Drive features two independent distortion circuits with gain and overdrive parameters. Three modes of operation are available. The repertoire ranges from gentle signal enrichment to total destruction. You like it extreme? – Well, why don’t you try to combine both channels? Thanks to CV inputs, it is possible to create very lively distortion and great stereo effects.

Dual Drive consists of two identical distortion circuits. Each channel features an audio input and output as well as two CV connectors for influencing gain and drive. Both parameters can be adjusted manually as well, of course. Switches allow you to choose between three types of distortion. Thanks to the first output being normalized to the second input, it is very easy to use the channels in series. Both distortion circuits are well tuned, meaning you can also create stereo effects.

52 mA +12V
52 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
40 mm deep
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