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Make Noise - DPO

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The Make Noise DPO is a voltage controlled oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms. Expanding on the classic arrangement of Primary and Modulator Oscillators, the DPO has both of the VCOs operable as complex signal sources. It is in essence a Dual Primary Oscillator.

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  • Vintage voiced, all analog

  • Triangle Core with Sine, Saw, Spike & Square wave shapes

  • Dedicated FM and Mod buses

  • Modulation source signals are internally routed with associated destination CV attenuators setting final depths

  • Mod Bus has added capability of using external source (patched at EXT. SouRCe input) in place of VCO 1 Sine

  • Bi-Directional Dynamic FM Bus allows for circular FM

  • VCO A features Hard Sync circuit which combined Dynamic FM yields complex sounds

  • VCO A operates as LFO, perfect for slow morphing of VCO B timbres

  • VCO B features complex timbral control through the use of a 3 parameter waveform shaping and Dynamic FM

  • Utilizes SIX Vactrols

  • Pairs well with the Echophon

                   inputs and outputs

Modulation oscillator: CV inpus for 1V/octave, exponential FM, linear FM. Outputs for sine, triangle and square.

FM-Bus: CV input for modulation index

primary oscillator: CV inputs for 1V/octave, exponential FM, linear FM. Outputs for sine, triangle and final (see above). X-Lock input.

Mod bus: CV inputs for external modulation and internal modulation index

Fold: Fold CV input, sttrike input

Shape CV input, angle CV input

measures and weight

3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 30mm deep.  current draw 70mA [70mA@ +12V and 70mA @ -12V]

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