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Mutable Instruments - Edges

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Mutable Instruments - Edges. Quad chiptune audio generator

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Enough with the analog, warm and organic.

Edges is a module strictly focused on the straight lines, sharp edges, and clinical harsh modulations of digital logic. Its architecture is loosely based on classic 8-bit console soundchips, providing 4 simple voltage-controlled voices. Each voice consists of a digital oscillator with two pitch CV inputs and a coarse pitch knob, with a gate input allowing the voice to be turned on/off without the need for an external VCA. The 4 channels are sent to an onboard mixer – making Edges easy to use for chord generation or heavy drone synthesis applications.

The first 3 channels are square/pulse digital oscillators, generated by subdivisions of a 4 MHz clock. 5 preset duty cycles settings are available from 50% to 95%. In addition, channel 4′s CV input can be used as a PWM CV for channels 1 to 3, with a 120° dephasing between each channel.

Channel 2 can be hardsynced to channel 1. Channel 2 and 3 are also equipped with a XOR ring-modulator, blending their harmonics with those of Channel 1.

The fourth channel uses a 12-bit DAC without oversampling/reconstruction filter to generate low-fi waveforms at a 48kHz sample rate. The available waveforms are sine, triangle, NES triangle, and various flavors of pitched LSFR noise.

    Technical characteristics
    5V voltage source needed (for example Mutable Instruments Volts).
    All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 2 kHz.
    Channel 1 to 3: 4MHz, 1-bit.
    Channel 4: 48kHz, 12-bit.
    Open-source hardware and firmware.
    Current consumption: +12V: 25mA ; -12V: 20mA ; +5V: 45mA.
    DIY and mods options
DIY expander PCB.
    MIDI input; with MIDI mode switch (multitimbral: 1 channel per voice ; or polyphonic: 1 single channel with notes dispatched to the 4 voices) and MIDI channel learn switch.
    Sub-oscillator for channel 1 with NES-style stepped triangle waveform.

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