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SOMA laboratory - LYRA8-FX

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LYRA8-FX is an FX processor that can give you a significant part of the mysterious LYRA-8 sound. LYRA8-FX consists of the FX section from the LYRA-8, expanded with CV controls and packed into a Eurorack module. It contains a double modulated lo-fi delay with cross-feedback and the unique possibility of self-modulation, where the delay output signal modulates its own sample rate. Also, it packs a parallel distortion with CV control of the drive. The distortion is after the delay. It’s much more than a delay – you can get a simple reverb, comb filter, chorus and much more cool FXs which are hard to describe.

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It has a famous LYRA-8 build quality – no SMD, no twisted plastic shafts, no crappy parts.

– IN volume
– Stage 1 delay time
– Stage 2 delay time
– Stage 1 delay time modulation depth
– Stage 2 delay time modulation depth
– Delay feedback
– Delay feedback CV amount
– Delay mix
– Distortion drive
– Distortion mix
– Distortion drive CV amount

– Stage 1 delay time modulation source
– Stage 2 delay time modulation source

– Audio in
– Delay time CV
– Delay feedback CV
– Distortion drive CV

– Main audio out
– Delay only out

– Width – 20HP
– Depth – 40mm

Power consumption:
+12V – 90ma
-12V – 20ma
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