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Synthesis Technology - E102 Quad Temporal Shifter

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Digital Shift Register

  • digital noise generator with CV of digital noise spectrum 
  • 4-stage ASR (analog shift register) using all-digital techniques to eliminate 'droop' (drop in CV over time) 
  • CV-controlled time delay between shift stages 
  • internal or external clocking 
  • built-in quantizer

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The term Analog Shift Register (ASR) comes from the original Serge module name: an ASR is essentially a clocked delay for CVs. The E102 acts like four cascaded Sample & Hold modules, but its unique feature-set allows it to add time delay in-between each Sample & Hold stage. Since the sampled Control Voltages are digitized and stored in memory they can be delayed as long as required. The extent of the time to shift from one stage to the next depends on the clock speed, but there is no lower limit. When used with VCOs, the E102 is great at producing trills and musical canons out of a single CV source. Of course its use is not limited to driving VCOs only, clocking the module really fast will allow for delays of envelopes, Gates and LFOs. The noise generator provides CVs from the outputs without requiring that the user supplies a CV at the input. If the INPUT is unpatched, the Digital Noise Generator is internally connected to the ASR. This turns the module into a unique four-output shift registered Sample & Hold. Changing the spectra of the Digital Noise will create new sequences/arpeggiations from the outputs.


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