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TipTop Audio Happy Ending Kit - Silver EU

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The TipTop Audio Happy Ending Kit includes everything you need to start setting up your modular gear in a Eurorack system.

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The kit features a Z-Rails set, including the screws needed to attach them to the Z-Ears, a uZeus 4HP PSU with two flying bus boards, and a 1000mA power wall adapter. The Z-Rails are built to precise standards, preventing the issues of loose mounting hardware and incorrect spacing. Attaching the rails to the Z-Ears allows you to mount your TipTop Audio modules into a unit that can be further mounted into a case, or used as a lightweight and portable desktop setup. The Zeus power supply is a dedicated Eurorack format synthesizer PSU, and is one of the smallest and most powerful available for its size. The uZeus utilises flying ribbon bus boards, which allow you to just plug in your modules and play. All-in-all, the TipTop Audio Happy Ending Kit is the perfect solution for mounting and powering your TipTop Audio module collection. 

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