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Trogotronic – m16 Euro Module Quad VCA & Voltage controlled MiniMixer

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Behold! The Deviant Vision of Utilitarian Utopia— all blinky lights & gyrating knobs tightly bound with shiny patchcords in another satisfying session of “Electronic Audio Shibari”. Implements of “signal subordination” come in many shapes & sizes, but don’t let the diminutive guise of m/16 Multiplex mislead; it’s the master in multitudes of “disciplinary scenarios”!

Force 1 to 4 Audio Signals from 6 VCA outputs
Command via CV of 4 Discrete Audio Channels
Sanction a 4-way CV Mix to 2 CV Mixdown Channels
Exploit as 4 Discrete & 2 Mixed VCAs
Mult Inputs to Administer CV Responsive FX Sends
Shove in Envelope Followers (like m/12) for Multiple Sidechains
Obviously m/16 Multiplex has plenty of angles alone; Fitted with companion module m/12 Detektor you can “play” your modular in real-time with an intuitive interface using your hands, feet, mouth & whatever else you can think of:

m/12 & its Accessories e/1, m/2 & m/4
4 Synth Voices into a real-time Electronic Drum-Set with e/1 Pulse Transducers
Perform Rapid Control of 4 Channels with Compact m/4 Button Array
Extreme / Hands-Free Multi-Channel Activation with m/2 Floor Controller
Mesh Synth to Live Music with Mics or Audio Inputs

The potency of m/16 Multiplex VCA & MiniMix more than compensates for its modest proportions with an exceptionally extended inventory of analog attributes:

4 Channel VCA
to 2 Channel VCMix
4 Audio Inputs with Mult Feature
6 CV Inputs
6 Audio Outputs
Dual Mix CV Inputs Mult Feature
6 Amplitude / CV Attenuator Controls
Compact 8hp Width
Purpose built to accompany m/12 Detektor
Available as DIY Kit
All Analog Cicuitry

  • 40 mA +12V

  • 40 mA -12V

  • 3 mA 5V

  • 40 mm deep

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