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WMD / SSF - Pole-Zero LP Filter VCF

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SSF / WMD MOSFET VCF with Integrated VCA

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POLE-ZERO is a 4-pole (24dB/octave) low pass Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) utilizing MOSFET transistors. MOSFETs are known for their soft, vacuum tube like distortion when overdriven.
POLE-ZERO is designed to exploit these characteristics with the addition of a MOSFET saturation control and provide a much wider palette of sounds when compared to a standard VCF. />A Voltage Controlled Amplier (VCA) is also a relatively novel addition and provides a simple way to amplitude modulate the filter without the need of an external VCA.


- MOSFET and OTA crossbred 4-pole low pass filter with VC amplitude modulation />- Unique and capable MOSFET drive provides FAT wave shapes, growly tones and maximum bass
- MOSFET saturation will not negate the resonance - unlike most filters typically do when overdriven
- Integrated input VCA
- Tracks 1V/octave and doubles as a sine wave VCO
- Additional FM input with reversing attenuator
- High efficiency LED indicators for Cutoff Modulation and VCA CV level
- Only 6hp

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