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WMD / SSF - VC Mini Slew

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SSF / WMD VCS with Dynamic VC Output and Shape Response

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- Voltage controlled function generator and active slew limiter
- Manual rise and fall time controls with individual CV inputs
- Unique SUM CV mode. While activated, sends an individually patched input to both rise and fall CV jacks or SUMs two patched inputs and sends to both CV jacks
- Smooth control over log, linear and exponential function response shapes. The addition of a novel CV input for voltage control of the function's shape
- Jumper selectable timescale compensation for maintaining the approximate function speed when the log/lin/exp shape control is modified. Classic mode removes this compensation when selected
- Polarizing VARI-OUTPUT control sweeps output function from -10V through zero to +10V from a dedicated variable output jack. CV input for voltage controlling the variable output level and polarity
- Positive unipolar envelope output with six LED level meter for rise fall speed and shape indication eye candy
- End of cycle and end of rise gate outputs. Signal Processor Input
- Triggered and cycle mode. Trigger-able cycle on/off (no pictured)
- Timescale FM tracks 3-4 octaves approximately to the 1V/oct scale
- All in only 8hp

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