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Xaoc Devices POTI

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Batumi Breakout Expander

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Provides an immediate access to the Batumi functions originally selected by the jumpers, like sync mode and assignable waveform selection · 3 hp

The poti is a 3 hp expansion module for the batumi. it allows easy access to the reset function and waveform selectors. the breakout is 3 hp and its a passive module, meaning it does not consume any power.
    Module does not draw current
    Ø 4.25 (4 Votes) Average Rating

The upper switch determines if the reset socket acts as a reset input or as a tap-tempo input.
With the two bottom swithces you can select which waveform will be output at the Saw/Assign socket. Choose between rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, triangle and a trapezoid, depending on the switches' positions.
XAOC name their products after places and cities of the former Eastern Bloc. Like Batumi, also the antique harbor town of Poti is located at Georgia's Black Sea coast.
3U Eurorack expander module, 3HP wide, approx. 20mm deep
passive module = no current draw

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