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Analogue Systems RS-150 Sequential Switch

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Sequential switch module for switching up to four input signals to one common output. The switching is done manually or by an incoming trigger signal. The reset function allows for shortening the sequence length

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Four different signals, CVs or audio signals can be switched to one output - it is not possible vice-versa as the RS-150 module isn't bi-directional.
Switching is generally done with a trigger or clock signal at the Clock input but it can be handled manually with the STOP / RUN / STEP switch that has three different modes:
- STOP: the chosen input will be held. Incoming triggers will be ignored
- RUN: the switch reacts to triggers at the clock input and will switch thru the inputs
- STEP: switching is done manually by flipping the switch to "step"-position
The reset function allows for setting the switch back to step 1.
This can be done at any given time by a trigger signal at the reset jack or automatized by the reset switch that will shorten the maximal sequence length between 2, 3 or 4 steps.
All modules by Analogue Systems come ready to use with five years
warranty mounted in the by the customer preferred rack or cabinet.
Width: 6HP
Signal inputs 1-4
Signal output
Reset input
Clock input
        About the manufacturer
Bob Williams began in 1995 like Doepfer, but unbeknown, with the
production of a modular system in Eurorack-format. The first modules were extractions from earlier Analogue Systems products like the FB-3 filter bank. AS is using an other system bus and the front panels differs a little. But the CV and audio signals are fully compatible with all Eurorack-companies.

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