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Analogue Systems System 4 (RS-15)

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The System 4 is a readymade basic configuration by Analogue Systems consisting of modules needed for a well-equipped monophonic synthesizer with CV/gate control however is aiming to offer something slightly different as the System 1

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With the System 4 you can easily get bass and lead synth sounds as well as effect and drums sounds, all in pristine quality as you would expect of an Analogue Systems circuit. Furthermore you can integrate external audio signals into the system via the external processor. This version of the System 4 comes in a 6 U/19”-frame suited for being built into a studio rack or a flight case.
    System 4 consists of the following modules: />2x RS-95e VCO
1x RS-500e VCF (EMS)
1x RS-110 VCF (Multi)
1x RS-60 ADSR (Envelope)
1x RS-180 VCA (lin ?& log)
1x RS-35 External Processor
1x RS-160 CV-Mixer
1x RS-165 Signal Mixer (Audio)
1x RS-380 Multimodul (VC-LFO, Noise, Random, VCA)
1x RS-20 Ring Mod / Multiple (1x4)
1x RS-390 Echo (Digital Delay)
1x RS-510e Trapezoid Generator
1x RS-230 CV Buffer
Please note: patch cables are not included with this system. Matching cable sets by Cliff can be ordered separately. 6U-Eurorack-Modularsystem with two rows (á 84HP) which are filled with AS-modules
        About the manufacturer
Bob Williams began in 1995 like Doepfer, but unbeknown, with the
production of a modular system in Eurorack-format. The first modules were extractions from earlier Analogue Systems products like the FB-3 filter bank. AS is using an other system bus and the front panels differs a little. But the CV and audio signals are fully compatible with all Eurorack-companies.

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