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MFB Kraftzwerg II B-Stock

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In comparison to it´s older brother the Kraftzwerg II has a much improved filter, temperature control at the VCOs and a nice new housing from alu and wood. The rest of it´s concept remains unchanged: a semi-modular analog synthesizer with 3 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 ADSRs, CV control and MIDI

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the signal flow of the Kraftzwerg II follows the classic subtractive layout: VCO-VCF-VCA. The mst common audio connections and modulations are pre-patched internally but can be broken up with patch cords and the 40 sockets.

MIDI/CV interface with Portamento
Two voltage controlled LFOs that can also cross-modulate each other. They have a reset jack and offer in the Mk Ii version an OneShot-Mode.
Three VCOs, each with switchable foot range, switchable wave form (triangle, square and saw), sync on VCOs 2 3 and an internal mixer. A noise generator and aring modulator are available, too.
The filter is a -24dB/octave steep low pass filter that sounds creamy but can also distort. It is "single ended", built discretely with transistors and sounds a little like olld Roland and SSM filters.
Both ADSR envelope generators have a hold parameter after the attack, keeping the envelope for a short time at maximul level. This great for superfast, snappy percussive sounds. A switch changes the characteristic to linear, either for envlope 1 or 2. The first envelope is normalized to the VCF cutoff and the second to the VCF.

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