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Depending on the equipment, the warranty may be granted by: Mode.M Modular Shop, Distributor of a given device in Poland, the Guarantor in Poland on the basis of a warranty card specifying its designated time. Most of the products sold in the Mode.M store are covered by a 24-month warranty. The defect and defects disclosed in the Guarantee Card stated on the Warranty Card will be removed free of charge by the Guarantor's service. Repair under warranty does not cover the activities provided in the equipment manual, equipment installation, software installation, maintenance, etc. These activities are performed by the user of the equipment to cover their own costs. The guarantee does not cover the natural wear of such equipment elements as: Rotary slide potentiometers, wiping of faceplates, wear: lamps, bulbs, etc. The warranty covers equipment defects resulting from correct operation or caused by manufacturing defects and does not apply to consumables or other accessories . Defective Advertising Equipment will deliver to the Guarantor personally at its own expense or in the case of a Door to Door service by courier at the expense of the Guarantor (after receiving confirmation of the notification from the service point). Mode.M Modular does not accept shipments not previously submitted or shipments sent by COD. Terms of acceptance of the purchased warranty repair equipment:  
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